And they said it couldn’t be done

“Have you noticed,” the pundits point out, “that you’ll never see workaday Muslims denouncing the atrocities routinely committed in the name of Allah?”

Anti-ISIS demonstrators in Oklahoma City“Never” is a long time. And yes, yes, I know: taqiyya. But once in a while I feel like I ought to be giving someone the benefit of the doubt, so this smallish demonstration yesterday at one of the busier intersections in town — on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania at Northwest Distressway, putting it squarely on my route home — was ever so slightly heartening, especially in a town where mosques are occasionally defaced by persons unknown.

From Red Dirt Report:

[T]he majority of signs held by the pro-peace crowd at Northwest Expressway and Pennsylvania Avenue by Penn Square Mall, were to drive the point home that terrorist group ISIS is not a representation of Islam, as some held the sign saying “ISIS DOES NOT REPRESENT ME!”

The rally was largely led by CAIR-OK and their executive director Adam Soltani and Imam Imad Enchassi. Both have spoken out against Republican legislator John Bennett of Sallisaw, who recently made very bigoted and inflammatory remarks against Muslim Americans and has since refused to back down or apologize for his hurtful, hateful statements.

“Hurtful” and “hateful,” verbally anyway, are turning into this century’s Frick and Frack.

I admittedly didn’t get really good looks at most of the crowd, but I didn’t see anyone giving off an aura of “Kill!” Our old friend Jennifer James took photos for RDR, and they look similarly benign. And the planners were astute enough to bunch everyone together, unlike the usual approach for demonstrations at this intersection, which is to take over two, even three, corners; this creates a sense of unity.

Update, 23 September: A response from Charles Pergiel.

Update, 26 September: Then again, civilized people do not engage in beheadings.



  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    21 September 2014 · 4:58 am

    Given the Qur’an’s and the Sunnah’s endorsements of fraud, deceit, and subterfuge in the advancement of Islam against the “unbelievers,” the only rational policy is never to believe a word from a Muslim’s mouth. I maintain this policy stoutly and will maintain it until the day I die.

  2. Tatyana »

    21 September 2014 · 9:22 am

    CAIR? Benign? I never held you for a fool before, Chaz.

    Too bad I wasn’t there to yell: kill!

  3. Tatyana »

    21 September 2014 · 9:24 am

    ISIS absolutely represent islam. There is no “suspect” towards ALL muslims: it is ABSOLUTE certainty.

  4. McGehee »

    21 September 2014 · 9:42 am

    They’re denouncing Daesh because Daesh wants to destroy the Magic Meteorite of Mecca. Daesh regard its place in mainstream Islam as idolatry.

    They’ve actually found an interpretation of the Koran that most Muslims can’t abide.

  5. CGHill »

    21 September 2014 · 11:50 am

    @Tat: Well, it is in the name, after all.

  6. Tatyana »

    21 September 2014 · 12:27 pm

    Even if it wasn’t.
    Every muslim is by definition an enemy of Western Civilization, no matter how “moderate” (s)he pretends to be.
    Where, do you think, money for ISIS, Al Kaida, and miriad others come from?
    It is all “donations” from those pleasant, servile, smiling Pakistani or Lebanese shop-keepers at newstands and taxis.

  7. Roger Green »

    22 September 2014 · 5:58 am

    Hmm. I never thought the KKK or the Westboro Baptist Church represented Christianity. Not that that I haven’t apologized for the latter myself…

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