The adventures of Sophie

Once upon a time, there was a British band called “theaudience,” which was given to songs with fab titles like “A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed” and “If You Can’t Do It When You’re Young, When Can You Do It?”

Theaudience managed only the one album, back in 1998, before breaking up; lead singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor, then nineteen, went on to a solo career, and has now released five albums, the most recent being Wanderlust, from which we extract the current single, “The Deer and the Wolf.”

Definitely a departure from her dance-pop days. And this came out day before yesterday:

I sort of explained Pretty Polly last summer.

This is the cover art from Wanderlust:

Cover art from Wanderlust by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Why the lapses into Cyrillic? Ellis-Bextor has said that the album is like “a soundtrack to an Eastern European film from the 1970s,” and indeed one track features a Bulgarian choir, recorded at the Bulgarian Embassy in London:

It’s not often I’ve stuffed a post into four different categories.



  1. backwoods conservative »

    12 September 2014 · 3:02 pm

    If you want to see a rising young star, check out the young lady who sang the national anthem at the Nationwide Series race at Richmond last Friday night, Sophia Nadder. So far, and this is not a complete list, she’s sang the national anthem at 3 NASCAR Nationwide Series races, a Major League Baseball game, several college basketball games, an NBA playoff game, and the governor of Virginia’s inauguration ceremony. And she’s only 12 years old.

  2. CGHill »

    12 September 2014 · 11:01 pm

    And she’s smart enough not to try to jazz it up, but to sing it straight, which puts her in front of several Big Names in recent years.

  3. backwoods conservative »

    13 September 2014 · 7:41 am

    I long ago grew weary of the way singers try to change up the national anthem to make it their song. I often hit the mute button rather than listen to them. I was about to walk out of the room to do something else when they said a 12 year old girl was going to sing. I stopped, thinking that maybe she’s cute. Well, she’s very pretty, and that’s nice, but by the time she got through singing I knew that she didn’t get handed that microphone because she’s cute. She’s got talent, and a lot of it. And you’re right, she sings the national anthem the way it should be sung.

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