As real as it may seem

Former teen dream Debbie Gibson turns 44 this Sunday, and since I’ve been paying attention all along, I’m in a position to toss you a few not-entirely-random factoids regarding the Debster:

  • She’s played both Sandy and Rizzo in Grease.
  • On her 2001 album M.Y.O.B., she did an amped-up version of “Knock Three Times” — with Tony Orlando, of course.
  • That Playboy pictorial she did in 2005? She says they’d asked her four times before.
  • In 2013, she came down with Lyme disease.

Oh, and she still dresses up nicely:

Debbie Gibson at Madison Square Garden

Of course, the main event for the evening was Rockets vs. Knicks, but hey: it’s exposure, and it’s New York exposure.

And because I think highly of this song, here’s Deb’s last official Billboard Hot 100 chart item: “Losin’ Myself,” a seriously moody number written by DG with Carl Sturken and Evan Rogers (Rythm Syndicate), which peaked at #86 in early 1993.

Too much too soon, maybe?


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  1. nathasha »

    1 September 2014 · 8:22 pm

    I love Debbie Gibson. I’m glad she still looks great even if she isn’t on the top charts. She’s probably playing the field and getting lost. :)

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