Al in a day’s work

“Weird Al” Yankovic would like to set the, um, record straight:

I did a print interview recently where I talked about how I only had one more album left on my current record contract, and how after that I would be weighing my options. I talked about how at that point I might be more inclined to focus on digital distribution, since theoretically that would allow my releases to be more timely and topical. I talked about how quickly the industry is evolving, and how perhaps it might not even make sense to continue releasing conventional albums at that point. In fairness, my quotes in the article seemed pretty accurate. But the headline screamed, “WEIRD AL SAYS HIS NEXT ALBUM WILL BE HIS LAST!” Well, um … no, I didn’t. That’s inaccurate, and extremely misleading, and has caused more than a few fans to freak out. But I guess “WEIRD AL IS CAREFULLY WEIGHING HIS OPTIONS AND ISN’T ENTIRELY SURE WHAT HE’S DOING AFTER HIS NEXT ALBUM!” isn’t quite as catchy, headline-wise. So again, to be clear … if you were led to believe that I’m planning on retiring anytime soon, I’m not (sorry, haters). I truly love what I do, and if I ever stop working, it won’t be of my own free will.

Mandatory Fun by Weird Al YankovicThat album — Mandatory Fun — ships on the 15th of July, a mere two weeks from now. And, says Al, don’t look for a single to lead the way:

Well, here’s the thing … there IS no “lead single” for my new album. I’ll be releasing 12 “singles” all at once on July 15 — so you can decide for YOURSELF which songs are the hits!

By the way, I’ll have 8 — that’s right, 8 — brand new music videos … and I’ll be world-premiering one every single day for eight days straight, starting on July 14!

No, I don’t understand the Cartoon Communist graphics. However, I always assume Al knows what he’s doing.


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  1. Roger Green »

    1 July 2014 · 4:19 am

    I love Al. I’ll have to send this to someone who has met Al, and loves him even more.

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