While she knocks you into the dust

The tallest woman I ever met — I mean, in person, face to, um, chin — was a hair over six foot two. She was perhaps not a great beauty, but it didn’t matter: were she anywhere in the room, she was the one you noticed, no matter who else managed to show up.

I’ve never met Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in Game of Thrones and who stands somewhere between half an inch and two inches taller than that, but I suspect she has the same sort of effect:

Gwendoline Christie in a limo

This week she was signed for the next Star Wars film, playing a Wookie who’d been dragged through the River Nair tall person.

Being incredibly tall, it would appear, might not confer upon a person the ability to make the finest judgment calls, fashionwise:

Gwendoline Christie at the Game of Thrones Premiere 2013

Said Fug Girl Jessica: “I love you, and I know you are like six foot four, but THIS IS TOO SHORT.”

At least she’s not sitting down in it.



  1. Trumwill »

    3 June 2014 · 5:11 pm

    As a vertically endowed individual, I discovered along the way that this was an asset when it came to vertically-endowed women who often would love a guy taller than they are. So I would take particular notice of extremely tall women. If I saw a woman I looked horizontally in the eye, I don’t know if I would have fainted or started immediately strategizing how I might be able to work it.

  2. CGHill »

    3 June 2014 · 5:17 pm

    Assuming I don’t slouch, I’m just under six foot one; they will always get my attention. (We will overlook, for the moment, the one I dated who was four foot nine.)

    Penn Jillette, who’s six-six, once said that the sweetest sound on earth was “Oooh, I could wear heels with you.”

  3. Joe »

    4 June 2014 · 12:09 pm

    The tallest woman I ever met in person was the late Sandy Allen — the tatllest woman in the world while she was alive at 7’7″. The second time I met her, she was in a wheelchair and was still almost as tall as me (5’9″) even sitting down!

  4. CGHill »

    4 June 2014 · 5:35 pm

    That’s impressive, when someone can tower over you while seated.

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