Not a flower girl

Eliza Doolittle — this Eliza Doolittle, anyway — is twenty-six today. I think of her as Amy Winehouse without the pharma, Adele without the drama. And in this shot, she looks, well, maybe not twenty-six:

Eliza Doolittle on stage

“Walking on Water” is the third single from her 2013 album In Your Hands, and it goes like this:

Weirdly, her Twitter account appears under the name “Eliza Fancies You.” Not me, she doesn’t.



  1. Tatyana »

    17 April 2014 · 2:04 pm

    3 questions.
    -Did somebody vomit in her bathwater?
    -Why would a fresh girl imitate Mariah Kerry’ sinuses ?
    -What a busy, active, efficient guy who just run 5000mi, dived from a rock, swam with the fishes, while reading a paper(!)map has in common with a lazybones who spent all that time deciding which jeans look better on her?

  2. CGHill »

    17 April 2014 · 2:31 pm

    In terms of the bathwater, I simply assume deterioration through multiple shoots. And it’s been almost mandatory to demonstrate scary Carey-style melisma for many years; part of the charm of Rebecca Black (and, for that matter, of Zooey Deschanel) is that they don’t do that.

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