Meanwhile in Corvetteland

UAW Local 2164, which represents workers at GM’s Bowling Green Assembly facility, home of the Chevrolet Corvette, has voted nearly unanimously to authorize a strike:

93 percent of the workers who submitted ballots voted in favor of authorizing a strike. Still, the decision needs to be booted up to the regional and then national levels before any action can actually be taken. Eldon Renaud, the president of Local 2164, seems to think that the strike authorization will serve as a sort of saber rattling, getting the “immediate attention” of the facilities management.

“We’re like everybody else, we’re strike-shy,” Renauld told the media, according to the Associated Press. “Nobody wants to have a strike. Who really benefits by it?”

The union’s complaints:

Renaud said issues involved were safety and quality control.

He said there have been several “near misses” that could have resulted in serious injuries for assembly line workers at the Bowling Green plant. The union also worries that the elimination of quality control positions will affect the integrity of the plant’s quality procedures, he said.

Presumably the “near misses” do not include the sudden appearance of a sinkhole in the plant in mid-February, from which the last car was retrieved this week.



  1. McGehee »

    11 April 2014 · 8:04 am

    But doesn’t the UAW essentially own GM now?

  2. CGHill »

    11 April 2014 · 8:27 am

    UAW’s VEBA owns 9.2 percent of GM. (The Canadian government, last I looked, held 7.2 percent.)

  3. McGehee »

    11 April 2014 · 4:40 pm

    They’re not just shareholders though — they’re also the company’s most powerful and probably largest creditors too, since pension reform was fended off by the illegal manner of the reorganization.

  4. CGHill »

    11 April 2014 · 8:45 pm

    I’d say that their influence over corporate governance is probably not commensurate with their share count.

    Then again, they can be bought, or at least bought out: Sergio Marchionne proved that when he took over the rest of Chrysler.

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