Meanwhile, back in the flats

For some years now, tennis star Maria Sharapova has been designing shoes and accessories for Cole Haan; in this shot, she’s wearing the 2011 version of her ballet flats.

Maria Sharapova in Cole Haan ballet flats

I expect we’ll be hearing more about Maria in weeks to come, mostly because when she was two, her family moved from Nyagan to Sochi, site of the ’14 Winter Olympics, and the place where she first picked up a tennis racket. In Sochi this week, she launched her candy line, Sugarpova (yes, really):

Maria Sharapova introduces Sugarpova candy to Sochi, Russia

I imagine she doesn’t eat a whole lot of this during training.



  1. Tatyana »

    8 February 2014 · 9:13 am

    Right. Everyone is a designer!

    The flats are god-awful ugly.

  2. CGHill »

    8 February 2014 · 11:46 am

    Mass culture would have you believe that yes, everyone is a designer — not that anyone needs to see my ideas for ballet flats. And at least she wasn’t showing tennis shoes.

  3. Tatyana »

    8 February 2014 · 3:39 pm

    That’s the only thing she is competent to show!

  4. Lynn »

    10 February 2014 · 8:03 am

    The flats are perfect. It’s nice to see more attractive young women wearing shoes that are both attractive and sensible. High heels are extremely silly.

  5. Tatyana »

    10 February 2014 · 10:56 am

    Besides being extremely ugly the flats are very bad for foot arches, for heel support and thus for calf muscles. They are traditionally only worn at home as house slippers, and that used to be a subject of orthopedists’ outrage and warnings.

  6. Lynn »

    10 February 2014 · 12:05 pm

    Poppycock! The flats are cute and flats are much healthier for feet than high heels or even low wedges. Of course a good arch support is desirable but our feet evolved to walk flat. High heels are silly looking and dangerous and anyone who either wears or manufactures them should be dragged out into the street and beaten then shot.

    I mostly wear Kalso Earth Shoes myself but since they only come in a very limited number of styles it is not possible to wear them exclusively.

  7. Lynn »

    10 February 2014 · 12:08 pm

    Oh, and I HAVE worn high heels but then I grew up.

  8. Tatyana »

    10 February 2014 · 8:18 pm

    Funny how Lynn constructs a strawman and heroically proceed to demolish it, kicking the bits with her horribly-shod elderly feet.

    As if there is nothing in between flats (0″) and high heels (5″).

    On the other hand, let her kick hay; still better than apoplexy.

  9. Lynn »

    10 February 2014 · 9:09 pm

    LOL! People who imagine that they have “a life” are always so amusing.

  10. CGHill »

    10 February 2014 · 9:49 pm

    And I thought I was doing well being amusing without having a life.

  11. Lynn »

    11 February 2014 · 7:55 am

    You ARE amusing, Charles. Not only that, but you provide a nice venue for amusement. And regarding “a life”. What is “a life”? Most people seem not to know. Some people fill their days with activity and things and other people and think this is what is meant by having “a life” but in reality a life is what you get when you strip away most of these things and just relax and enjoy the time you have and the people close to you. And maybe, occasionally, indulge in a little slightly warped entertainment, like tweaking high pointing noses over the Internet.

  12. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 8:16 am

    Chaz, you little coquette. At least you don’t wear flats: you know where your having no life stops being amusing and becomes pitiful.

  13. Lynn »

    11 February 2014 · 8:30 am

    Isn’t she cute? Kinda like one of those tiny dogs that are adorable for maybe as long as 60 seconds then when you realize that it’s not going to stop yapping makes you want to kick it.

  14. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 9:27 am

    Just looked down at the New Balances I’m wearing, and they don’t have much of a heel. (And one Velcro strap is covered in lint, the price one pays for working with vast quantities of paper.)

  15. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 9:37 am

    They do have at least twice of a heel than pair of flat boxes Masha is selling.
    Which is what necessary for comfortable shift of center of gravity from heel forward.

  16. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 9:40 am

    My center of gravity keeps relocating, a consequence of having dropped 68 lb in the last decade or so. By the time I adjust, something else goes out of whack.

  17. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 9:44 am

    Besides, you gotta agree her legs look much nicer in that coral pair than on 1st photo. Wonder if she designed those, too? Doubt it.

  18. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 9:52 am

    There was at least one pump in her collection, though that wasn’t it.

  19. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 10:04 am

    Well, there are multitude of additional factors for one’s c-o-g. But let’s make an experiment and to insulate it from weight fluctuation factor: say, during same hour in the morning of one day, try to walk 15 minutes on same tile floor : a)barefoot and later b) wearing shoes on slight heel (up to 1.5″) -which is more pleasant and easier on your calves?

  20. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 12:22 pm

    Actually, I’ve tried it with switchable insoles; in general, the slight elevation afforded me seems to be slightly kinder to my knees, a major concern at my advanced age. (Downside: if my feet swell even the tiniest bit, and sometimes they do, the extra padding makes them feel more so.)

  21. Lynn »

    11 February 2014 · 12:47 pm

    I have found that Earth’s negative heel makes a huge difference to my hips. My knees don’t seem to care all that much.

  22. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 1:34 pm


    “at my advanced age”: heh. as I said: little coquette.

  23. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 2:47 pm

    As a general rule, I am about as flirtatious as a box of 20 Mule Team Borax.

    And hey, we have sixtysomethings at the shop with nice legs — but this fact is connected to no visual benefit until things warm up.

  24. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 3:51 pm

    not flirtatious, just fishing for compliments.
    returning to topic: M.Sh. could call herself a designer 5 mln times, that doesn’t mean she really is (you know that expression, about the word “halva”? “Saying halva won’t make your mouth sweet”.
    Russian blogs are pointing and laughing, see this, f.i. : 150 comments, speculating re: Masha’s duties while Porche’s designers worked on that car (“making coffee” is the most innocent one, as you can imagine)

  25. Tatyana »

    11 February 2014 · 3:52 pm : link.

  26. CGHill »

    11 February 2014 · 4:21 pm

    I suspect actual automotive engineering is way above her pay grade. (It’s certainly above mine.)

  27. Tatyana »

    12 February 2014 · 6:01 am

    Pay grade indeed. You were not paid for designing a car, and she was. And she was presenting it as her design.

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