Not really a mean user

Said I after my first two weeks on Twitter:

The follower count seems to have leveled off at around 130, which is about a third higher than I anticipated.

Actually, I had originally planned for 50-75 followers, but since I tend to misunderestimate my influence, I decided I had a shot at that third digit despite not even slightly deserving it.

Four years and change later, I really have to wonder:

In comparative terms, almost nobody on Twitter is somebody: the median Twitter account has a single follower. Among the much smaller subset of accounts that have posted in the last 30 days, the median account has just 61 followers. If you’ve got a thousand followers, you’re at the 96th percentile of active Twitter users. (I write “active users” to refer to publicly-viewable accounts that have posted at least once in the last 30 days; Twitter uses a more generous definition of that term, including anyone who has logged into the service.)

How I got to the 95th percentile, I’ll never know.

(Via this TweetSmarter tweet.)



  1. Jeffro »

    22 December 2013 · 8:01 pm

    The only time I’m active on Twitter is during NASCAR season. G+? Even less.

  2. JT »

    22 December 2013 · 9:04 pm

    I’ve been wondering how I’ve gotten so many followers in the last year. It’s not that I’ve posted anything Earth (or any other world) shaking.

  3. roger green »

    23 December 2013 · 12:39 am

    The only thing I post on Twitter is an automatic feed of my blogs. I am always shocked when I discover strangers are following me.

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