And she’s not even a Pisces

Since this is Richard Branson’s scheme, he gets to make the opening statement:

An image can sometimes speak a thousand words, which is the thinking behind Fishlove — a radical photographic project which is spearheading the campaign to end over-fishing in Europe.

Fishlove invites personalities across the globe to raise awareness of how over-fishing is destroying the marine environment. They aim to end over-fishing in Europe by 2015 so that fish stocks can recover to above levels that can produce the maximum sustainable yield by 2020.

(See also this brilliantly titled post.)

The personality across the globe for today is Gillian Anderson:

Gillian Anderson for Fishlove

Somewhere in a corner, Fox Mulder is carping about something.



  1. hatless in hattiesburg »

    4 December 2013 · 1:17 am

    due to this photo, the phrase “jumped the carp” is the new “jumped the shark”


  2. Mark Alger »

    4 December 2013 · 3:41 pm

    I could do without the fish.


  3. Tatyana »

    6 December 2013 · 8:25 am

    very nautical

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