Twice as Swift

Here we have singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, first Showing Off, then Not (Quite) Showing Off.

Taylor Swift for Victoria's Secret

Taylor Swift hiking in Franklin Canyon

The latter was an excursion by Tay and Ed Sheeran to Franklin Canyon Park, on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains. Ed, of course, has been opening for her on the Red tour, and they’ve written and recorded a song together, which of course doesn’t mean that some day she won’t sit down and pound out something called “Bite Me, Ed.” I’m thinking that for now maybe Ed’s helping to keep her grounded, which is probably a Good Thing if you’re a superstar at a couple of weeks short of twenty-four.



  1. Jack Baruth »

    27 November 2013 · 5:27 pm

    Boy, just looking at her you can tell what she’ll look like when she stops the daily three-hour workout sessions.

    A bowling pin.

  2. CGHill »

    27 November 2013 · 5:35 pm

    Find me nine more, and I’ll bring my ball.

    Incidentally, I suspect this woman cannot cross her legs in any seat in a Toyota Yaris.

  3. Jess »

    27 November 2013 · 6:03 pm

    I hope she’s one of those celebrities that remain classy. We sure could use a few of them these days.

  4. Francis W. Porretto »

    28 November 2013 · 4:54 am

    Among the things I give thanks for, on this Fourth Thursday in the Year of Our Lord 2013 — away from me with that “Common Era” BS, thou pagan barbarian — is that female pop stars, while not required to be musically gifted, are required to be really good-looking. As I no longer listen to “music” recorded after about 1980 (exceptions made for an extremely limited list of artists), I get to enjoy their true assets without having to suffer their “art:” the crown without the cross.

  5. Tatyana »

    28 November 2013 · 7:57 am

    Jack, that’s called “womanly figure”. As in, you know, “women”, not “mannequin with hips to resemble 12yo boy + double silicon injections”.
    Woman’s hips helps her to deliver a child – like, f.i., you.

  6. CGHill »

    28 November 2013 · 11:30 am

    FWP: Dawn Eden once said “I don’t consider myself legally bound to know about any music past 1968.”

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