Fleet’s out

Mark Alger asks:

Now I wonder … does anybody besides me notice how much nicer and lighter the traffic is since the .gov shutdown?

Down here in my neck of the woods, it’s not quite so noticeable, possibly because of whatever metalaw it is that says that lighter traffic creates more opportunities for bad drivers. I admit, though, that I haven’t seen a whole lot of appliance-white motor-pool flex-fuel Chevrolets of late.

And then there’s this: over the same period, gasoline prices have fallen about 15 cents a gallon, while crude remains over $100 a barrel. Diesel hasn’t budged a bit, though, which tells me that the Feds are probably still using the big trucks to get to yet-unbarricaded parks.



  1. robohara »

    10 October 2013 · 10:52 am

    Those waves of fleet-looking rental cars are often rented to new FAA employees who come to OKC for a three month training period. Typically around the beginning of the fiscal year you’ll see a slew of them, but between the furlough and the hiring freeze, I wouldn’t expect to see many of them for the time being.

  2. CGHill »

    10 October 2013 · 1:09 pm

    There’s always an explanation. Thanks.

  3. Charles Pergiel »

    10 October 2013 · 3:49 pm

    Diesel hasn’t budged a bit… Ha!

  4. CGHill »

    10 October 2013 · 9:29 pm

    Been sitting around $3.75 here for the longest.

  5. McGehee »

    11 October 2013 · 8:50 am

    I suspect the “shutdown” has resulted in boom times for barricade manufacturers.

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