What is it Now?

Tyler Media’s K243BJ, otherwise known as Now 96.5, is billed, on its Web site anyway, as “Hit Music For OKC.”

And apparently it is literally so:

Now 96.5 coverage map

The 70 watts reach about to my back door.

Then again, they have a construction permit to go up to a startling 120 watts and relocate their stick to the northside. Still, right now, the selling point is “40,000 songs in a row!” — which, if they stick to it, would put their first commercial around New Year’s Eve.



  1. Scooby214 »

    17 September 2013 · 5:34 pm

    They are already broadcasting from the new 120 watt translator on the north side. They didn’t actually move the old 96.5 translator from its location near Crossroads Mall. They changed that translator to 92.9, and it is still rebroadcasting comedy 1560 KEBC in mono. The old K243BJ is now known as K225BN in the FCC database.

    The new 96.5 actually covers the metro pretty well. In-car reception is pretty good until you get to the south side of Norman and is good until north of Edmond. It does suffer from a little bit of interference in the morning from Tulsa’s Mix 96.5. The new 104.5 came in with a listenable signal for me when driving south on I-35 until I got to Purcell. 92.9 comes in quite well in Norman, but is staticky in the north metro near Quail Springs Mall (as should be expected due to its south side location and lower 475 ft. antenna height).

  2. CGHill »

    17 September 2013 · 6:32 pm

    That would explain the reception pattern, though not why the FCC hadn’t updated FM Query yet.

    And truth be told, I’m a bit weirded out at the big boys playing with these rodents-of-usual-size signals. I suppose it’s better than GigaMegaKiloChurch LLC parking on every available space, but for a while there, I was suffering from the delusion that more available channels might mean more diverse programming. What was I thinking?

  3. Scooby214 »

    17 September 2013 · 7:07 pm

    The FCC Query is really pretty up-to-date. If you compare the top entry for K243BJ to the entry for K225BN, you will see that they are pretty much identical (other than the frequency). The “owners” of the K225BN license say they are divesting the K243BJ license. That probably explains why the status of one of the translators is CP off air and the other is listed as licensed and silent. The “owners” requested up to 45 days of silent status while they construct the new 96.5 facilities. Seems like a shell game to me.

    The second section of K243BJ’s listing, the CP modification, reflects the new transmitter and tower data. It is common for stations to operate for a period of time under the construction permit before the database is updated to remove the construction permit status.

  4. CGHill »

    17 September 2013 · 8:29 pm

    Letter of the law, and all that, I suppose. Thanks.

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