My daughter is thirty-five today, and I’m sure she’d be at least somewhat amused to hear that Wikipedia, as of this writing, lists no one “notable” born on this date in 1978.

And since I’m not about to stick pictures of her up here for all the Rule 5 fans, I asked myself, “Self, who was born on this date and deserves a pictorial?”

It couldn’t have been more perfect. Born thirty-five years before this date in 1978, we give you Tuesday (!) Weld in her prime:

Tuesday Weld extending her range

Actually, she was born on a Friday, but I do enough Friday material already. And “Tuesday” was her legal name, once she turned sixteen.

And I must do this one exchange from The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis:

DOBIE: There’s one more item: my GI insurance — $10,000 — and you are the beneficiary.

THALIA: Well, what good is that?

DOBIE: $10,000 means nothing to you?

THALIA: But you’re alive. This policy isn’t worth a penny unless you’re dead.

Inasmuch as Tuesday’s father died when she was four, and her mother eventually put her to work as a model to support the family, I tend to overlook Miss Menninger’s apparent avarice.


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  1. Mark Alger »

    28 August 2013 · 8:50 am

    “…and if Tuesday Weld would only be my wife.
    I know that I could stay sixteen forever
    And I know that I’d be satisfied with life.”

    Of something like that. (Wanders off warbling, “Tip-toe THRU the tulips…”)


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