Not many birthdays on that suit

The American Association for Nude Recreation is cranking up its youth-outreach programs of late, perhaps because they’d like to have some members still when the old farts who pay most of the dues die off. (Dying off, incidentally, does make one’s member still, but don’t go there.)

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the enrollment package (as a PDF file here), and the pièce de résistance is a multi-page (okay, two) Affidavit of Good Moral Character, which details a whole bunch of Thou Shalt Nots intended to disqualify anyone who might cast dark shadows on the lifestyle. On the cleanliness scale, the proverbial hound’s tooth doesn’t even come close. I can’t really blame them: gotta keep the pervs out, after all. But while I haven’t come close to these depths of depravity — okay, once I made use of the pictures and accounts of a game without the express written consent of Major League Baseball — I’m still kind of put off by the sheer size of the list. Of course, this is just a ruse: what really puts me off is how much lower the student dues are.

Oh, and where did I find out about this? On a MySpace bulletin. (I don’t know if AANR has a presence on Facebook, but if they do, you can pretty much write your own joke.)

Addendum: Tom Mulhall of Palm Springs’ Terra Cotta Inn weighs in:

In my opinion, they do many things that prevent them from getting younger members. One of the biggest turn offs is you have to join the club. People these days are not joiners of clubs.

If nudist campgrounds want to attract more members, they need to change their ways and adapt their marketing and operations. Also show younger members in advertising. If you only have 60 and 70 year old people in your ads, that is the age group you will attract.

That’s got to be true.


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