A voice inside my head

From their 2011 Starry Night gala, Vancouver’s Shooting Star Foundation presents singer Rebecca Shoichet:

Rebecca Shoichet on stage

She’s also a member of SideOne, the estimable cover band:

… this band is made up of extremely talented and experienced musicians, and the sets were crafted for the sole purpose of packing a dance floor, while avoiding entirely the typical cover band cheese.

But most of the time when I hear her, it’s something like this:

Except for those last spoken words, which were spoken by, um, someone else.



  1. Roger Green »

    7 August 2013 · 8:09 am

    Nice voice

  2. Bryan »

    8 August 2013 · 8:47 pm

    Did this lovely songbird lead you to the MLP world, or was it the other way around?

  3. Rule 5 Sunday: Stratoscape : The Other McCain »

    11 August 2013 · 7:10 pm

    […] Dustbury submits Rebecca Shoichet and Jodie Foster, while Three Beers Later has something for everybody with Shania Twain and Tim […]

  4. CGHill »

    11 August 2013 · 7:16 pm

    @Bryan: ‘Twas the other way around. They promoted the heck out of Twi’s speaking voice, provided by the legendary Tara Strong, but Rebecca does her singing, and it’s the singing that sticks with me.

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