A slight Caribbean breeze

When green enterprises fail, it’s pretty much for the same reasons any other enterprises fail: insufficient planning up front, insufficient capital behind, or good old-fashioned incompetence. Acolytes of the Church of Environmentalism, of course, prefer to blame the Demon of the Day: the Koch brothers, J. Random Republican, ExxonMobil, or your brother-in-law with the Yukon Denali. It’s hard to see any particular demonic presence here, though, unless you want to count the personification of Bad Luck:

The Santa Isabel [Puerto Rico] wind farm was shut down for a month and a half due to equipment modifications Siemens Energy had to make following malfunctions in the B53 blades at wind farms in Iowa and California. The blades are 170 feet long and weigh 10 tons apiece. 36 out of 44 aerogenerators are now functional.

Pattern Energy, which owns the wind farm, loses $1.5 million each month it can not sell electricity to the local utility, Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE).

Well, yeah, I suppose there was some incompetence involved. This is the money quote:

[La] eficiencia del proyecto ha sido cuestionada, no por su tecnología, sino porque se instaló en un lugar que no produce el viento necesario para garantizar una generación sostenida.

“[The] efficiency of the project is questionable, not because of technology, but because it was installed in a location that does not produce the wind needed to ensure sustained generation.”

You’d think somebody would have thought of that beforehand.



  1. jsallison »

    27 July 2013 · 1:10 am

    I’d add (un)healthy dollops of wishful thinking and really, *really* earnest belief in the power of good intentions.

  2. McGehee »

    27 July 2013 · 8:12 am

    You’ve heard of “The rain follows the plow”? Well, some people may believe that the wind follows the turbine.

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    27 July 2013 · 9:24 am

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