When it doesn’t pay to come out of the dugout

It was a “nightmarish start,” said the Kansas City Star of Wade Davis’ 69-pitch performance against the Twins last night, during which Davis managed to get only three batters out.

It didn’t seem so bad at the beginning. Clete Davis flied out to left; Brian Dozier drew a walk. Then things got complicated. Joe Mauer walked, sending Dozier to second; Justin Morneau doubled to deep center, scoring Dozier and Mauer; Trevor Plouffe homered, scoring Morneau and himself. At least the bases are empty, Davis might have thought, and surely he felt better when Oswaldo Arcia struck out. Then Chris Parmelee walked, and Jamey Carroll singled to second, sending Parmelee to third. Pedro Florimon singled to second, bringing home Parmelee and moving Carroll to third. Finally, Clete Davis came back; he went down swinging. Fifty-three pitches in all.

The second inning? Well, Dozier singled to right center, Mauer walked, Morneau walked, and with the bases loaded, Davis was sent off to Showerville, leaving Will Smith to get out of the inning. (Plouffe sacrificed to right, scoring Dozier, and then Arcia obligingly grounded into a double play.)

Said Davis afterwards:

“I tried a bunch of different things. I tried slowing it down and speeding it up. Different arm angles. It’s just one of those [things] that sucks.”

Says baseball-reference.com, this is a record level of futility, breaking the previous record (67) for most pitches for three outs or fewer.



  1. Jeffro »

    30 June 2013 · 7:12 pm

    That’s my “home” team for ya – just a glorified farm club. Every time they get someone talented, off they go to the big bucks. Gawd forbid the Royals might try to keep some of the talent to build on.

    And I’m supposed to go to their games and support ’em? It is to laugh.

  2. McGehee »

    1 July 2013 · 9:23 am

    Well, I’m just glad that the one game I watched in a motel in KC three years ago was a win for the home team.

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