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The Bayou Renaissance Man has traced the current political and cultural bifurcation, and this is what he finds:

I submit that the problem boils down to the distinction between two approaches to life, the universe and everything:

1. Everything that is not permitted, is forbidden

- OR -

2. Everything that is not forbidden, is permitted

Nanny Bloomberg is the absolute slave of #1.

It’s also worth noting that prohibiting something has never yet stopped it from happening. Forbid murder? It happens every day — once every 36 minutes in the USA, in fact, according to the FBI’s crime statistics for 2011 (the last full year for which they’re available at the time of writing). Forbid alcohol? Yeah … we all know how well that worked last time it was tried! Forbid drugs? Yeah, right. Forbid extramarital sex, even on the grounds that it’s a Divine command, not just a civil law? I was a pastor. I daresay that 99 out of every 100 couples I married were already sexually active — and between a quarter and a third of them were already pregnant! No, never in human history has forbidding something actually stopped or eradicated it. Not once.

Perhaps it’s time to put the NO POLAR BEARS ALLOWED sign back on the front door. (Obviously it works; I’ve never seen a polar bear on the porch.)

The only thing forbidding something has achieved, from a historical perspective, is to expand the authorities’ power to crack down on their subjects.

Then again, that’s all they want. “My way or the highway” — and you don’t even get to pick your own exit.


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  1. Tatyana »

    19 April 2013 · 11:29 am

    “* They all blame the wrong things. If a guy loses his paycheck at a crap table, stop gambling. If he gets drunk, stop liquor. If he kills somebody in a car crush, stop making automobiles. If he gets pinched with a girl in a hotel, stop sexual intercourse. If he falls downstairs, stop building houses.ā€
    -Aw shut up!
    -Sure, shut me up. Iā€™m just a private citizen.”
    Chandler, Long Goodbye

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