Still more than meets the eye

The other day, I was bewailing the lack of recent Markie Post pictures. (Yes, I did watch a lot of Night Court. How did you guess?)

And then this drops into my lap:

Markie Post for the Hub

Here’s Marjorie Armstrong Post, 62, at last week’s official unveiling (the air date is tomorrow, 22 March) of Transformers: Prime: Beast Hunters, the third (and last) season of the Hub’s other big draw. The plot:

The season will begin with the Autobots recovering following the Decepticons’ attack on their base. It will also feature the Autobots having to face a new beast-like Decepticon called Predaking and the return of Shockwave. A recent trailer reveals that Shockwave will create the Predacons, but will lose control over them, and the Predacons will come to Earth to hunt the Autobots one by one.

And since you’ll ask: Markie Post is in the Prime series, as the voice of June Darby, Jack’s mom.

Aside: Hasbro ordered 26 episodes of Prime for each of the first two seasons, only 13 for the third. Now where have we heard that before?


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  1. XRay »

    21 March 2013 · 11:06 pm

    Damn good for 62 I’d say. Watched a lot of Night Court myself back in the day.

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