With the obligatory Big Voice

Little Peggy March rolled up five Hot 100 singles in eleven months, starting with “I Will Follow Him” in March 1963, an English-language remake of a French hit by Petula Clark. And she wasn’t that little: four foot nine. She was, however, well up to the music industry’s standard for Cute Girl Singers, and age didn’t dull her much:

Little Peggy March

“Every Little Move You Make” died at #84, and after RCA Victor set her free, she relocated to Germany, where she continued to have hits until 1980. (One curiosity from those years: the 1978 single “Oklahoma Bay,” a tribute to Soonerland’s endless shorelines. Or something like that.) Sixty-five today, she’s not even close to retired; her last album in English (Always and Forever) came out in 2010. The German version, however, had a bonus track: a duet with Dutch singer José Hoebee.

This song, you have to believe, is her destiny, even if John Waters did work “I Wish I Were a Princess” into Hairspray.



  1. Don »

    8 March 2013 · 3:25 pm

    Mention of the Oklahoma shoreline reminds me of the Mississippi mountains.

  2. McGehee »

    8 March 2013 · 3:32 pm

    Maybe Oklahoma Bay is near the beaches of Cheyenne?

  3. Tatyana »

    10 March 2013 · 9:58 am

    She looks better in the current video than in the ancient photo…at least her make-up does

  4. Bambi [Rule 5] »

    21 March 2013 · 3:33 pm

    […] Peggy March […]

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