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The downside of driving a so-called luxoboat is the fact that ownership of same is presumed to mean that you can afford parts and service even dearer than the usual; as a result, I have become acutely sensitive to the slightest changes in vehicle behavior.

Maybe. Out of the driveway to run yesterday’s errands, and damn, these brakes are grabby. Something left on the rotor from this week’s (sort of) snowstorm? Greater warpage than I’d thought? I changed my modulation technique — basically, I backed off on the pedal pressure — and the grabbiness went away. Okay, what’s different between yesterday and the day before?

The answer is “shoes,” but not brake shoes. Friday night I had noticed that the insole in one of my favorite pair of walkers — the very one I was going to wear Saturday — was looking rather thin, and I’d snapped in an aftermarket replacement I’d bought some months back but hadn’t yet installed. The new insole is about three sixteenths of an inch thicker than the old one. Did this result in three sixteenths of an inch deeper pedal application, and therefore more abrupt braking? It would so seem.

I wound up the trip marveling that women seem to have no problems like this no matter what shoes they wear. Presumably they get used to it.


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