Of tellers and telling

Jennifer’s advice for those of you in the drive-thru lane at the bank:

When I got off work today, we ran by the bank to make a deposit. It is unseasonably warm in our part of the world and so we had the windows down. We generally shut off the engine when sitting in the bank drive-thru since our little car is LOUD.

So there we were minding our own business. We’d already sent our little cylinder to the teller inside and were chatting about things. I happened to hear the man in the next lane speaking to the teller. He was sending his cylinder back because he wanted his cash “in hundreds.”

And that is not the sort of statement you’d want other people to hear:

What if that person in the next lane isn’t me? What if they hear you ask for that cash back/withdrawal in hundreds? How far will the bad guy follow you for at least $200?

A bad guy once kicked in my door for a meager $3.25, so “the ends of the earth” is probably close enough.


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