Summer dancer

Given my ongoing fixation on dancers, it’s surprising — to me, anyway — that I seldom feature a dancer in these pages. In an attempt to address this situation, I bring you Paloma Herrera, who has danced with American Ballet Theatre since 1991; she was named a Principal Dancer four years later.

Paloma Herrera, circa 2007

Why “summer dancer”? She was born around the summer solstice (12/21) in 1975 in Buenos Aires, a place I never think of as wintry. But inasmuch as I’m in the dead of winter in Northern climes at the moment, here she is in the Nutcracker with Gennadi Saveliev, a soloist with ABT. You might think from the photo that she’s not exactly sylph-like, and this clip won’t change your mind:

Then again, dance is hard work, and I suspect it’s not all that well-suited to seven-stone weaklings.



  1. Mark Alger »

    22 December 2012 · 6:48 pm

    VERY nice legs.


  2. Tatyana »

    23 December 2012 · 10:01 am

    I think she is too technical and too cool emotionally.

  3. Been Away Too Long [Rule 5] »

    5 January 2013 · 12:08 pm

    […] Paloma Herrera   […]

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