Fear of commitment

You’ve got your troubles, I’ve got mine, and Robert Stacy McCain has his:

Everybody’s got problems in life. There are few people so psychologically healthy that they couldn’t occasionally be diagnosed as kooky. My sarcasm is obviously pathological, and co-blogger Smitty has a fondness for obscure puns that clearly puts him in the abnormal range. Unfortunately, the National Institute of Mental Health turned down my grant application to study the unusual proliferation of weirdos in the blogosphere, so the diagnostic categories remain hopelessly ambiguous.

Some of us, on the other hand, have been diagnosable. And I don’t think there’s enough space anywhere to warehouse us all. Then again, a government that can mandate Death Panels can easily mandate Brain Panels, as Pyotr Grigoryevich Grigorenko could tell you if he were still alive.


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