A moment of silents

In my ongoing effort to bring you the oldest babes possible for Rule 5, I herewith present a vintage shot of actress Barbara Kent, born Barbara Cloutman in Gadsby, Alberta in 1907. (“Kent” was her mother’s maiden name.)

Barbara Kent publicity photo

Barbara Kent’s best-known role, perhaps, was as the young girl who pines for John Gilbert, though he only has eyes for Greta Garbo, in Clarence Brown’s Flesh and the Devil (1927). In the 1927 silent No Man’s Law, Kent takes second billing behind Rex the Wonder Horse, and Rex is quite good in his own way, but Kent is fetching as a young lady taking a swim in what appears to be her birthday suit. And the fellow with the eyepatch is Oliver Hardy, who at the time was a solo act.

Kent transitioned to talkies fairly well, playing Rose Maylie in a 1933 version of Oliver Twist, but her career nosedived shortly thereafter. Widowed at 41, she remarried five years later, and retired as far out of the spotlight as she could. Tomorrow would have been her 105th birthday, and she almost made it: she died last year at her home in the California Low Desert.


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