Strange search-engine queries (357)

It wouldn’t be a Monday without a romp through last week’s search strings. (Hmmm. Does this mean if I quit doing these, we wouldn’t have any more Mondays? I’ll have to think about that.)

beware of righteous staff:  Fortunately, hardly anyone getting hired these days is anything close to righteous.

what functions does a Mazda 3 Auto Transmission Speed Sensor 2.3 4 cylinder do:  If you have to ask, you have no business trying to replace one yourself, you knucklehead.

did the conservative party just blame koallo:  The primary purpose of political parties in this century is to place blame, so the answer is probably Yes.

little fat yogurt girl shit outside street porn:  On the other hand, you can’t blame that on Koallo.

why do sneakers stick to floor:  You stepped in someone’s ABC gum and didn’t notice it.

mangoes taste like turpentine genetic cause:  That would be my guess, unless you just flat enjoy the taste of turps.

The unique Pier One smell:  It’s either mango or turpentine.

temblette:  A really small, kind of girly earthquake.

santa claus is a monopoly:  And you know what else? Every year a copy of the Naughty List goes to the IRS.

latina nudists who is a dead ringer of patty (the manager of the terra cotta inn:  Sorry, folks, I don’t know any Latina nudists. [sob]

maxims of methodical procedure beautiful to unbeautiful:  You’ll have to wait. I’m trying to locate some Latina nudists — methodically.

failer pay attention:  If attention had been paid, perhaps we wouldn’t have had so much fail.


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