A short walk spoiled

Here we see Craig Ferguson on the Monday night edition of The Late Late Show, perhaps surprised that Sarah Shahi is not in fact wearing shoes by Christian Louboutin:

Sarah Shahi with Craig Ferguson

Atypically for talk shows of this ilk, this segment opened with Shahi already seated, instead of walking in from stage right, apparently because of a sore foot. This being the case, we perhaps should assume Ferguson’s interest is purely humanitarian in nature.



  1. Lynn »

    8 November 2012 · 7:29 am

    Sore foot? Really? In those shoes?

  2. CGHill »

    8 November 2012 · 7:31 am

    Seems just totally impossible, doesn’t it?

  3. Rule 5 Sun- er, Tuesday : The Other McCain »

    13 November 2012 · 11:48 am

    […] Dustbury verges on lese majeste with Sarah Shahi and also spotlights Niki Karimi. […]

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