Strange search-engine queries (348)

Time once again for a colorful romp, into the server and through the logs, to Grandmother’s house we go looking for some evidence that the bounty of searchable material housed here might have produced some slightly off-center search strings. Never been a problem before, right?

how do i know if i have a 3 or 4 speed in 87 626:  Shift into fourth. If nothing happens, you have a three-speed.

what holds the transmission:  A hoist, waiting for you to sign the check so it can be installed.

Fat burning furnace make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags. We’ll show you how:  Trust me, if HTML tags could burn fat, Web designers would be the skinniest people on the planet. Which they aren’t.

crossdressers willing to be pierced tattoed and branded by men:  Doesn’t sound like any Web designers I know.

stockingsThings That Turn a Guy on:  Well, not by themselves, as a rule, though your mileage may vary, especially if you’re a crossdresser. Or a Web designer.

how to prepare kudzu as a garnish:  Boil the living crap out of it at high heat for 12 minutes. Then wrap and throw away. (Do not hurl into the back yard, lest it take root.)

moozilla anal:  Then again, Firefox can be a genuine pain in the ass.

monophonic it’s there:  And only there.

“take off your panties” “john marshall”:  Why, Mr. Justice Story, I didn’t know you cared.

zooey deschanel is not a nerd:  Nice try, but it still won’t get you her phone number.

Remark on the saying “no writer writes in a vacuum”:  I never had to. My writing always sucked on its own.


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