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Kirsten Prout will be 22 on Friday, which means that yes, she was born in 1990. (Seems like only yesterday, doesn’t it?) She’s been acting since she was ten, mostly on television, though she has some big-screen credits, including a role in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, playing Lucy, one of the original Southern vampires. She wasn’t in the previous Twilight film, New Moon, the following photo notwithstanding:

Kirsten Prout

About the time she was appearing in Elektra, which would make her 14 or thereabouts, she volunteered that she’d had a rough time in second grade:

I was actually very lucky to receive a horrible teacher… I was such a spunky little kid and anytime I would do anything creative like add hair on my teddy bear and long eyelashes or something she would make fun of it. She completely stifled anyone’s creative spirit. I completely withdrew and became a really shy kid. I do owe it to her to be acting right now because she was the one that made me depressed and my mother asked me “what can I do to make you happy again?” and I’d always, always wanted to act. I always loved movies and wanted to be in them and I asked my mom if I could get an agent and start martial arts and start Tae Kwon Do.

Stuff like that matters when you’re fourteen. Sometimes, even later.



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