Forever Helen

Helen Mirren is sixty-seven today, and it’s been decades since she had to prove anything to anyone. And I do like this off-white Donna Karan shift:

Helen Mirren at the premiere of State of Play 2009

State of Play, released in 2009, featured Mirren as the ruthless editor of the Washington Globe, the sort of hard-bitten news hound who can say things like “I want you to do a complete rundown on this Sonia Baker: who she knew, who she blew, the color of her knickers.” Her underlings include Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams.

Mirren’s father, incidentally, was named Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov, though shortly after Helen’s birth he decided to become Basil Mirren.



  1. XRay »

    26 July 2012 · 10:58 pm

    For good or bad I have loved the lady for years, since Prime Suspect at least. Always struck me as a woman, who in real life, would keep a man on his toes, to please her, pleasure her, and be thankful for having known her.

  2. Roger Green »

    27 July 2012 · 5:51 am

    She is lovely.

  3. LeeAnn »

    27 July 2012 · 7:40 am

    That’s what 76 looks like? I knew I should have been born British, I just knew it. Damn my silly mother for having domestic tastes.

  4. CGHill »

    27 July 2012 · 2:07 pm

    Well, sixty-seven, anyway. Although I can’t imagine her looking much different at 76.

  5. Mark Alger »

    27 July 2012 · 8:24 pm

    One hotsie totsie. The Grande DAMN! of theater and cinema. And television. And the dreams of many mostly males.


  6. Mark Alger »

    27 July 2012 · 8:25 pm

    Oh. X-Ray! You should check her out in Excalibur. Or 2010, The Year We Make Contact.


  7. Tatyana »

    29 July 2012 · 7:32 am

    Funny how people think she is a quintessential Brit.

    She is a great example of charm and perfect figure winning over lack of beautiful face

  8. XRay »

    29 July 2012 · 10:13 pm

    Tatyana. I’ve never thought of the woman as a quintessential Brit, nor as charm or figure. In “Prime Suspect” she had none of that, just a sure ‘gravity’ of focus, of doing her job. That’s just acting, of course, but I always felt it was who she was, at heart. That is what attracted me, sod that I am.

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