Born on the fifth of July

It’s the 75th anniversary of Spam, which is well worth noting but which means nothing in the context of Rule 5, so here’s a picture of Brazilian model Gianne Albertoni, who’s 31 today:

Gianne Albertoni

In February, Albertoni lost her gig as co-host of the Brazilian magazine show Hoje em Dia, though she will continue to contribute occasional pieces to the program. She’s also a busy little Tweeter. I have no idea what she thinks of Spam.



  1. tioedong »

    6 July 2012 · 7:53 pm

    here in the Philippines, SPAM is considered a delicacy that you serve to guests.

    You see, it’s always ready to cook and eat, without having to catch and kill and clean it first.

    Luckily, the spread of electricity and roads means it is now less popular. It’s easier to run down to Jolibee or McDonalds to buy a hamburger when the refrigerator is empty.

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