Order now for next season

Because they’re custom-made and can’t possibly be done in time for the Finals:

Oklahoma City Thunder heels

Here’s the pitch:

Utterly captivating, Limited Edition, authentic HERSTAR™ Custom Crystal Pumps representing the Oklahoma City Thunder. Encrusted, dazzling, and intensely mesmerizing with every step, these elite pumps command a presence of their own. Fully hand strassed in luxurious, hand selected Middle Eastern crystals, then offset by a sky-high 6″ heel and 3″ internal platform; these glittering heels glisten on the court and off. They are simply magical to behold. Step into these shimmering, sparkling pumps and be ready to light up the games.

There’s an upgrade to real Swarovski crystals available, at a much higher price. If you can live with the more mundane crystals, these will cost you $295. And yes, the NBA is actually licensing these.

(Plucked, of course, from the tweetstream.)



  1. Don Mecoy »

    12 June 2012 · 1:22 pm

    But the microsuede pumps are just $100.

  2. CGHill »

    12 June 2012 · 1:59 pm

    Yeah, but they lack that Supreme Blingitude one associates with the NBA.

  3. Roger Green »

    12 June 2012 · 3:09 pm

    Look uncomfortable. But I was never good in heels.
    Go, THUNDER! (You’ll have a lot of Heat haters rooting for OKC.)

  4. fillyjonk »

    12 June 2012 · 3:09 pm

    Given that heel and platform, they could be advertised as, “Ever wonder what it’s like to be as tall as an NBA player?”

    I’d actually approach regulation height – at least, for the WNBA – in those. Of course, I’d probably also break both ankles (and my nose when I bounced off the pavement), but still.

  5. CGHill »

    12 June 2012 · 7:57 pm

    Earl Boykins, who played with the Houston Rockets this year, is listed at 5’5″, for what that’s worth.

  6. Fritinancy »

    25 June 2012 · 1:08 pm

    Word of the Week: Strass…

    I try to stay up-to-date on such things, but I admit that “strass” was new to me until I read a post by Dustbury about pavé women’s pumps from the shouty shoe brand HERSTAR that celebrate professional sports teams….

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