Yes I R

From the What’s Wrong With This Picture? files, here’s Lisa Rinna enjoying an indoor section of the Great Outdoors:

Lisa Rinna in something uniqe

Right you are: that shrubbery needs to be trimmed back at once, lest it present a safety hazard to someone entering or leaving the deck.

And Rinna looks pretty good here, so I’m guessing this was taken either long before or well after her plunge into the shallow end of the Fountain of Youth.



  1. Tatyana »

    5 May 2012 · 10:24 pm

    ‘Uniq? As in alternative transcription of “eunuch”?

  2. canadienne »

    6 May 2012 · 11:08 am

    Skimmed the article, sounds like she’s had a lot of modifications. Amusing that you linked to an article earlier commenting on using Photoshop to make cover models look better. I think Photoshop is safer.

  3. CGHill »

    6 May 2012 · 11:29 am

    Certainly less invasive, in the physical sense.

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