The hard sell

Now how can you resist a motor vehicle like this?

Seattle craigslist auto ad

If you’re champing at the bit to drive it yourself, here’s the complete pitch.

(Snarfed from Dodd Harris on Facebook.)



  1. Nicole »

    27 April 2012 · 5:37 pm

    Now *that* is a car ad.

  2. CGHill »

    27 April 2012 · 5:50 pm

    If the actual Pontiac division had run ads like that, they might actually still be around.

  3. Tatyana »

    28 April 2012 · 6:28 am

    pile of clanking teal-painted metal: $700. 10 hrs of graphic work to make the ad to sell said pile: $300 (at a student rate).

    celebrity status among bearded losers: priceless

  4. fillyjonk »

    28 April 2012 · 11:06 am

    “Every” woman on the planet?

    I dunno. I’ll probably still be standing around, waiting for some guy who cares more about conversation than how he looks behind the wheel of a car.

  5. Bayou Renaissance Man »

    30 April 2012 · 7:15 am

    Around the blogs…

    While on the subject of sexual frustration, Dustbury brings us an advertisement for a car that claims to be ‘better than your last 4 romantic encounters . . . combined’! How can one resist?…

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