Among us grizzled old-timers

Mark Alger contemplates his decade at BabyTrollBlog:

[S]ometime around 9/11, I heard Rush Limbaugh talking about these things called blogs. He mentioned Andrew Sullivan and a few others. I started reading them. And, in seeming no time, got the bug myself.

Now I’ve heard plenty of tales in which Person A inspired Person B to take up the Orbital Keyboard Cannon, but this is the first one I’ve seen that cites El Rushbo. I suspect, though, there are many others.

I haven’t had an Instalanche, but I have had a couple of Kim-a-lanches and linky love from other Big Name Bloggers. I’ve been a Large Mammaried Individual in the TTLB Ecosystem, so BTB isn’t exactly chopped liver, albeit without the bag of chips. And I’ve been stalked for fifteen minutes by Media Matters, so I guess, in some small way, I arrived awhile back. And I’m content with the slow-and-steady approach to growth.

Of the nearly-a-thousand registered members (and even that is a modest number, I’m given to understand), there are more than a lot who are spammers, I’m sure, but also more than a mere handful who are faithful visitors and readers of varying intensity, and they are, I believe, gems beyond price, so represent some success, even if my own terminal laziness might hold me back from greater things.

It’s not laziness, I suspect. The time we have is finite, and we can’t possibly spend 100 percent of it on any one activity, especially if it’s some other activity that actually pays the bills. It would be nice to be able to sit here at the keyboard all day and watch the money roll in, but it would be just as nice, and nearly as likely, to have the Slurpee franchise for Hades.

I have about twenty registered members: after implementing a registration system in 2008, I rapidly grew weary of it, and threw the doors open, hoping the formidable array of WordPress spam tools would protect me. (Akismet has dealt with 25,000 comments since then; it missed just over 100 — though maybe one or two actually made it to the site — and false-alarmed on about 140. I should be this precise in my own work.)

The good news, of course, is that Mark and Dolly are going forward:

Once I get comfortable there (I’m practicing by helping my employer get set up in WordPress, as well as sandboxing new designs at markphilipalger dot dreamhosters dot com), this blog will move to the new system and host and become the center of a modest media empire centered around my writing and artwork. Stay tuned.

More than this, we cannot ask.


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  1. Mark Alger »

    22 April 2012 · 10:15 am

    Thanks for that, Chaz. And, FWIW, the perspective is actually of more worth to me than, perhaps, the linky love. Much appreciated.

    And you hang in there, too. You’re doing good stuff here.


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