Daphne on Dell:

While I’m not at all happy with Dell’s hardware division today, I have to admit that their call centers in India employ some of the best customer service representatives I’ve ever encountered.

And it definitely helps if you only have to deal with one:

Pradeep had the ability and authority to resolve my problem all the way to the bitter end and did so by handily dispatching a full grace of precise skills wrapped around a warm measure of respectful politeness. I’m quite sure he was frustrated beyond belief with my technical ignorance, but I never once heard it betrayed in his patient voice giving endless instruction.

Patience is a virtue, especially if the poor fellow has to deal with someone like me who (1) can’t describe a problem in less than a screenful of text and (2) has already spent three hours failing to fix the matter and is therefore in Bad Humour.

(Speaking of Bad Humour, the working title for this was “Rolling in Pradeep.” Don’t judge me.)


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  1. Charles Pergiel »

    22 April 2012 · 1:00 am

    “Rolling in Pradeep.”

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