Quote of the week

A report Carl Cameron of Fox News — or indeed any of the tools at any of the cable newsers — would never have given, as imagined by Robert Stacy McCain:

“Top strategists for so-called ‘front-runner’ Mitt Romney, the worthless RINO flip-flopper who is trying to buy the Republican nomination, today gave reporters in Boston what I can only describe as The Mother of All Spin Jobs. Presenting the gullible national press corps with a transparent flim-flam about the delegate count, a top Romney adviser laid down such a thick layer of putrid dishonest bullshit I nearly vomited.”

Which is a shame, because I can’t remember a single day in this election year when some form of putrid dishonest bullshit wasn’t being propagated.


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  1. hatless in hattiesburg »

    14 April 2012 · 12:49 pm

    I bet he stole that quote from 3M: maddow, matthews, & maher. :P

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