Emergency flats

Are those damnable heels killing you? The answer — or at least an answer — has come to Los Angeles:

Salvation has come to the high-heeled hordes of L.A. nightlife, in the form of the city’s first flat-shoe vending machine. Squat, unobtrusive, the size of a dresser, the thing is currently located beside the women’s restroom at the Colony in Hollywood… Called Rollasoles, they cost $19.95 (or “an easy $20″). They are basically ballet flats. Soft and squashy, they drop out of the machine rolled up in a plastic can.

The reception has been cordial:

Club owners like the shoes because girls who wear them stay out later (an average of 40 minutes longer, according to a survey [the vendors] commissioned), dance more and, one assumes, drink more. Guys like the shoes because it keeps girls out partying for the night. Girls like the shoes because, well, they’re shoes.

(Snagged from Joy McCann’s Facebook page.)


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