Of course it’s premium

To some people, pretty much everything is an opportunity to accessorize. Hence this midweek paparazzo shot of Paris Hilton, who incorporates both the gas pump and the Ferrari into her look.

Paris Hilton at a Union 76 station

Besides, that’s a majorly cute dress, and I’d like to encourage wearers of hats.



  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    18 March 2012 · 4:05 am

    Dear God. Yes, the ensemble is nice, even flattering — the gas pump and Ferrari were particularly thoughtful touches — but would some compassionate soul please take that poor girl to an all-you-can-eat buffet and feed her up?

  2. McGehee »

    18 March 2012 · 9:30 am

    It’s a nice pic, and a nice outfit, but does anybody really believe she has any idea what to do in that situation?

  3. CGHill »

    18 March 2012 · 10:33 am

    Subsequent shots in the series show her actually gassing up the car, so I have to assume that she has at least some idea what’s going on.

    She definitely could use a sandwich or two.

  4. McGehee »

    18 March 2012 · 1:03 pm

    I say she was being coached. That’s what photographers do in a professional shoot, after all.

  5. McGehee »

    18 March 2012 · 1:04 pm

    …maybe she needs a photographer to coach her with the sandwich…

  6. Jeffro »

    18 March 2012 · 2:50 pm

    She needs coaching in far more than just filling Ferraris with gas, since her parents apparently failed her miserably.

  7. Tatyana »

    18 March 2012 · 3:49 pm

    Y’all are just jealous.
    [I waited too long for an opportunity to say “y’all”]

    She has
    a) Ferrari
    b) Red Ferrari
    c) several accounts fat enough for a dozen more Ferraris – and she wouldn’t even notice the dint.
    d) decent black platform pumps (besides looking purposeful next to that other pump – something I, f.i., wouldn’t know how to do)
    e) her belt is in right place (unlike some person I Get Yelled At For mentioning) – and it even does what its supposed to do: emphasizes existence of waist.
    f) most importantly, you’re jealous of her slim figure! I bet the picture made you go and make yourself a skyscraper-sandwich, to compensate for all these deficiencies.

    I know I did…

  8. CGHill »

    18 March 2012 · 4:40 pm

    I did make a sandwich, but nothing of Dagwoodian proportions.

    You could have mentioned g) apparently has no trouble driving in those skyscraper heels. (Ferrari these days is pushing a 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual, so she may not have to work three pedals, but I will not assume that she can’t, inasmuch as many of the readers here can clutch — and probably double-clutch — in heels.)

  9. Tatyana »

    18 March 2012 · 5:34 pm

    Chaz, remember whom you are talking to? A creature who will not look purposeful next to a gas pump. I phased out after the words “dual-clutch” (or, rather, imagined a nice sleek leather clutch to pair with those black pumps…)
    After I saw a woman in office-dress, including the heels, operating a bike on Manhattan street, all doubts re: drivers in fancy shoes disappear.

  10. CGHill »

    18 March 2012 · 6:01 pm

    Sports cars are traditionally delivered with purely manual transmissions: you must shift your own gears. The dual-clutch variant will do it for you, though you still have the option of doing it yourself, usually with paddles on the steering wheel. Eventually, I suspect, this will replace all the conventional automatics except on the cheapest cars, since it’s more efficient — or, more precisely, less inefficient.

  11. McGehee »

    18 March 2012 · 7:43 pm

    Jealous of something that can’t go over a speed bump without needing tens of thousands of dollars in repairs!?

    And of the car too!!!!????

  12. CGHill »

    19 March 2012 · 10:36 pm

    Of course, we don’t know for sure if this is really her Ferrari, and I am not inclined to go traipsing through California DMV records.

    I do have a shot of Zooey Deschanel alongside a Prius, about which the less said the better.

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