Holy Hannah! (part deux)

Last week I put up something to acknowledge the adulthood of Dakota Fanning, who turned 18 last month. There was the obligatory kinda-sexy photo (from UK Elle), and upon finding it I hemmed and hawed for rather a long time before I decided that I would post it, but I would not submit it for the Rule 5 roundup because she was still 17 when she posed for it. This is known in some circles as “trying to have it both ways.” (My favorite photoboard accepts 16 and 17, but no younger.)

This picture is a bit less striking, perhaps, but it was taken day before yesterday (5 March), and I have decidedly fewer qualms about it:

Dakota Fanning outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Actual news: Dakota will be starring in an adaptation of Jenny Downam’s novel Before I Die, to be released as Now Is Good; it’s the tale of a teenage girl with an incurable disease and a fairly scary bucket list. (And here’s the trailer.)



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