Someone like her

No, actually, it’s really her. Sort of. Adele, photographed for Vogue:

Adele in 3/12 Vogue

Rather a lot of people are complaining that the cover was Photoshopped — Google News offered seven pages to this effect almost immediately upon the magazine’s appearance on newsstands — but this shot from elsewhere in the pictorial might be, um, more so.

I’m going to assume that this was done without her knowledge, and when she sees the pictures, she’s gonna hit the roof.

For comparison, here’s a shot from the Grammy Awards:

Adele at the Grammy Awards

You make the call.



  1. Lynn »

    15 February 2012 · 3:14 pm

    Doesn’t even look like the same woman. I’m of two different minds about this: 1. Shame on Vogue! 2. I wish someone would Photoshop me.

  2. Nicole »

    15 February 2012 · 4:27 pm

    Beyond that horrifically chosen dress I really can’t tell what her shape is. I’m guessing not quite as perfectly hourglass. And yes, someone at the very least made free and easy with the smoothing tool on her face.

  3. Dan B »

    15 February 2012 · 5:25 pm

    Yeah, that ain’t her. She might have POSED for those pix, but that ain’t her. You can’t cinch a corset THAT much without injury.

  4. McGehee »

    15 February 2012 · 7:46 pm

    You make the call.

    But will she answer?

  5. Tatyana »

    16 February 2012 · 6:27 am

    OK, I will -but only if you say something definite about her shoes

  6. fillyjonk »

    16 February 2012 · 10:28 am

    I think she’s an attractive woman, but that cover photo just does NOT look like her. And that makes me sad: I’m guessing someone at Vogue made all those changes to make her look more “marketable” to the fashionistas.

    Why not just sell paper bags with eyeholes cut out of them? Everyone wears their paper bag; everyone looks exactly the same…

  7. Laura »

    16 February 2012 · 11:08 am

    That cover photo barely resembles a woman anymore, let alone Adele. Good God.

    She’s much prettier in the Grammy photo.

  8. CGHill »

    16 February 2012 · 11:34 am

    While we’re at it, the other fashion mag — I have reference to Harper’s Bazaar — once tried to glam up Susan Boyle. [Click on the Daily Express link.] More successful, or at least less intrusive.

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