Worst titles of 2011

Listed chronologically:

“Play that funky Muzak, white boys” (15 January)
“The plain in Jane is mainly on the brain” (18 January)
“Doody now for the future” (19 January)
“No shake, Sherlock” (7 February)
“It’s worse than that; it’s debt, Jim” (26 February)
“Emulsional rescue” (17 March)
“Celibate, good times, come on” (24 March)
“These boots aren’t made for gawking” (2 April)
“Where the gripes of Roth are stored” (13 April)
“The bulb of Damocles” (22 April)
“Baryon, my wayward son” (26 April)
“Dallas aforethought” (17 May)
“Fees to meet you” (26 May)
“Where is your cod now?” (12 June)
“Pedal to the meddle” (27 June)
“Pawlenty of nothing” (10 July)
“Pentode the wet socket” (10 July)
“Blue screen of defecation” (14 July)
“Little douche coupe” (11 August)
“I shocked the sheriff” (11 August)
“Ignite to remember” (16 August)
“My baby does Bernanke-Panke” (13 September)
“Van hailing” (22 September)
“Domo arigato, mystery motto” (23 September)
“Isthmus shopping” (2 October)
“Post rock, therefore propter rock” (3 October)
“Blather, rinse, repeat” (15 October)
“They can’t be beet” (26 October)
“Syntax evasion” (11 November)
“I am he as you are he as you are me and EMI is shattered” (14 November)
“I was told there would be no polymath” (30 November)
“Dickery, Doc” (7 December)
“District of Clumsier” (8 December)
“Tempest in a B-cup” (15 December)

(Total number of 2011 posts: 1,978. Also: Worst Titles of 2010; Worst Titles of 2009; Worst Titles of 2008; Worst Titles of 2007; Worst Titles of 2006.)



  1. LeeAnn »

    1 January 2012 · 7:55 am

    Bah. Pish and tosh. Being a devout follower of the Temple of Punny Titles of which you are the pope, I disagree with this whole “worst” business.
    My favorite is “Domo arigato, mystery motto.”
    Don’t confess to that of which you are not guilty. Let the humor-impaired accuse all they like. Just tell them the pun-ishment must fit the crime.

  2. Kirk »

    1 January 2012 · 11:28 am

    I’m with LeeAnn — methinks thou dost protest too much! Your titles are, and shall be as long as Dustbury continues, one of the principle virtues here. They both amuse and intrigue, serving to draw the reader into the post. One can ask little more than that from any headline.

  3. Nicole »

    1 January 2012 · 2:01 pm

    I have long been in awe of your punny titles.

  4. CGHill »

    1 January 2012 · 2:45 pm

    You should have seen the ones I took out at the last minute. (Or maybe you shouldn’t have.)

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