Born jaundiced

Actually, Born Jaundiced was planned as a film title, but the producers didn’t like it, and after several bad suggestions, they decided to name it after one of the songs on the soundtrack.

So My Girl came to moviehouses twenty years ago, with Macaulay Culkin (remember him?) and Anna Chlumsky as a little more than best buds but not exactly dating, what with being barely 11 years old and all.

Which means that little Vada Sultenfuss is now, um, thirty-one:

Anna Chlumsky

And was she actually jaundiced? Well, she gave up acting, went on to college, got her degree, didn’t like any of the jobs she got, and decided maybe they’d remember her in Hollywood. She’s been working steadily since, mostly in smallish roles, and will be appearing in next year’s HBO series Veep, which stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus as, well, the Veep.


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