Strange search-engine queries (294)

Even if they don’t travel the world and the seven seas quite so much these days, everybody’s looking for something, and some of what they were looking for is featured here each week. (Who am I to disagree?)

brave drawers:  As opposed to those cowardly knickers worn by others.

legacy mr.g:  One must, of course, include Mrs. G and all the little Gs.

will transmission fail after three cut offs:  Sounds to me like it’s already failed.

sharpie shankie staunion skerple:  This spell enables Harry to draw a mustache on a picture of Lord Voldemort.

blame reed richards:  You do not want to see Sue PMSing.

do i have to sit here?  Think positive. Think Rebecca Black: “Which seat can I take?”

david holmes shape, bounce, firmness and symmetry:  No, he’s not at the greengrocer’s evaluating melons.

funny ice hole picture:  These days, most of those ice holes aren’t all that funny.

oklahoma unsafe vehicles:  For example, the one in front of you in the left lane going 7 under the speed limit.

there was a woman who was a peddler back in the 1900’s around the eastern part of okla. or henryetta area. can i find anything out on this?  According to legend, she peddled it all over town.

jealous 357:  At the absolute minimum. You can’t get much revenge with .223 Remington.

offensive words and phrases that are no longer offensive:  Forget that, Jack. These days, there isn’t a word in the language that won’t offend someone, and people will go whining to the government on any pretext whatsoever.


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