Even if we’re just dancing in the dark

Tim Pawlenty, you’ll remember, bowed out of the GOP presidential race, and subsequently threw his support to Mitt Romney. Robert Stacy McCain would like you to know that this was not technically an underhand throw:

Professional campaign operatives are all hired guns. I’m sure they have their ideals — don’t we all? — but idealism doesn’t pay the rent and, when push comes to shove, they work for whoever agrees to hire them. If some of Pawlenty’s former staffers eventually turn up on the staff of Mitt Romney, this is no more a judgment on the character of the ex-Pawlenty people than whatever damned fool notion made them think Tim Pawlenty ever had a ghost’s chance of winning the GOP nomination.

This is, says McCain, part of what makes people cynical about politics, but the bottom line is this:

[I]f you’re not cynical about politics, it’s only because you don’t actually know anything about politics.

Which is a quote I don’t mind passing on, although it will probably never be as popular as, say, “Hit the freaking tip jar.”


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