Italian style

An offhand observation from the spring of 2010:

Presumably owing to business considerations, the picture of [Laura] Soave being circulated by Chrysler is carefully tuned for maximum blandness. In person, she’s much more striking.

In case you’d forgotten, Laura Soave, a former Volkswagen exec, was hired by Sergio Marchionne to head up the Fiat brand in the US. Somewhere in this photo is a Fiat 500:

Laura Soave with Fiat 500

Incidentally, the current Cinquecento is supposedly available in 14 colors, but every last one I’ve seen on the roads in this town has been this shade of Cinnamon Red Hot(s).

(Photo snitched from Autoblog.)



  1. Burkalesque Babes: Karen Alloy! | Jake Finnegan »

    20 August 2011 · 8:04 am

    […] Dustbury […]

  2. ms7168 »

    20 August 2011 · 8:15 am

    They gave one away on “The Price is Right” the other day :) Can’t remember how much they listed the worth of it at. Seems like $18k?

  3. CGHill »

    20 August 2011 · 10:09 am

    I think the rock-bottom price is about $17k, though you can easily worry the sticker up to the twenties, and if you buy the convertible version with the folding fabric roof it’s four grand more.

    Of course, its most obvious competitor, the MINI, has so many options and variations that it’s not at all difficult to coax one over the 30k mark.

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