Know thy vehicle

I don’t normally poke through Reddit threads, but this one had so much potential … and then I thought better of it, because it would take hours to read, and darn near as long to cut and paste.

So you get this one representative excerpt, and you can poke through the rest if you like:

All these chain repair shops are jerkoffs like that. There’s one in BC called Big-O tire that a friend took her old 70s era Volkswagen Beetle to for service and ended up getting charged over $500 for various things, including replacing the radiator. On an air-cooled engine, that’s a really neat trick. I went back with her and showed the service manager the bill and manifest and then asked him to come out to the parking lot and show us where the new radiator is. He turned a unhealthy shade of grey and then quietly refunded the whole service amount.

My own experience with Big O — which seems to have withdrawn from my market area — was a bit more positive, but then I never bought anything from them but tires.


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