Is this like the SI cover jinx?

Oklahoman screen shot

This took up much of the front page of the Oklahoman yesterday, and as I was hauling the paper indoors, I decided that no way were we going to hit 114°, just because of that graphic.

And we didn’t. The reporting station at Will Rogers World Airport rolled up a 109 before an actual smidgen of rain showed up. No records, folks. We’ve had quite enough of them in the last few years. (Hottest ever in the state was at Tipton on 27 June 1994, with 120; a few Mesonet stations in the eastern half of the state made it to 115 yesterday.)

I did notice that they’d realigned the 30-year averages at NWS, which now cover 1981-2010; the hottest period of the year (late July-early August) is now high 95/low 73/average 84, up 1 from the previous dataset, and the coldest (late December-early January) is now high 49/low 29/average 39, up 3. Note that this excludes 1980, a year that was, to borrow a term more closely associated with New England, wicked hot.

Of course, no one knows when the current heat wave will end, though all sorts of people will tell you what it’s going to be like in 2020 because we persist in owning creature comforts, and I wish for them a nice warm Christmas, their nuts (where appropriate) roasting on an open fire.

And from the Man Bites Dog department: Death toll rising — not news. Death toll shrinking — that’s news.


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