A hanging in the twilight canopy

The Adaptive Curmudgeon notes that some of us might have more than one copy of the 5th Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away”:

Somewhere there is a person who has purchased the same rendition … on 33 RPM LP, 8 track, cassette, CD, and now he has it on iTunes. The day when he loses his iPod in a Dubai airport is the day he’ll start fondly dreaming of that big cabinet full of LPs he lugged around in college. Then, ever so slowly, like the setting of the sun, the realization that he’s spent the better part of a car payment on just one song will seep into his bones and kill his soul.

That is the day he’ll stop buying a goddamn thing.

You do not want to know how much I’ve spent on Beatles issues and reissues in the past half-century. (Tony Sheridan and the, um, “Beat Brothers” cut a single of “My Bonnie” — you know, the one who lies over the ocean — in nineteen freaking sixty-one.)

Although I suspect there will be people who will forgive me for that expense and despise me for the $2.28 I’ve spent on Rebecca Black.



  1. canadienne »

    31 July 2011 · 5:00 pm

    Not sure why anyone would either need to forgive, or despise, and I have no idea why you would give a flying fish about anyone’s opinion either way.

  2. CGHill »

    31 July 2011 · 6:38 pm

    I just spent ten minutes on Yahoo! Answers trying to explain to some teenage (I’m guessing) boy (judging by avatar) that it’s okay to listen to Rebecca Black. Peer pressure is just too intense for some people.

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